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Festival Ironwood 2020 Cancelled

At a meeting of the Festival Ironwood Committee on 18 May, it was decided not to hold the Festival this year.  This was a dificult decision, but under the current Covid-19 restrictions, the decision to cancel the 15-18 July 2020 event seemed the safest path to follow.  The Festival Ironwood Committee hopes that the 2021 Festival will find all of our Ironwood residents and visitors again gathered together under the Big Top Tent in Depot Park!

New Paths for Spring

It's very foggy outside the Chamber office in the Historic Ironwood Depot today--a good metaphor for the Covid-19 conditions that we are all living through.  What is the way forward for our economies and social order?  It certainly looks very "foggy" now, and the straight patch of sunlight is not yet to be seen.  Nevertheless, these days of being "fogbound" do offer a positive opportunity to reflect, plan, and start taking the beginning steps toward the re-opening of both economic enterprise and community personal interactions.  Every business and organization will have no doubt discovered or been introduced to new ways of doing things-- communication, sales, production, budgeting--as Covid-19 has been a force that has generated innovation.  As many are saying, "coming out on the other side" will not be a return to what was before.  New occasions teach new ways of thinking and acting.  Through the fog, we cannot clearly see now exactly the shape of things to come, but there is no doubt many aspects of our lives and businesses will be different going forward.   One of the most important lessons will be the realization that we are all very interconnected and dependent upon each other at the local level!!  For businesses to survive, they must be supported by the local community.  For the community to survive, businesses will have to not only offer "the same" products and services as before Covid-19, but also continue with many of the innovative and community-serving actions that they implemented in direct response to Covid-19, that have shown to be strong and positive ways to help keep the community united.   The sun will shine again!  Let us all support and learn from each other so that we will be able to grow out into the light with a new sense of joy and renewal.

Our Land of Snow

Looking out the big windows of the Depot, the snowmobiles are whizzing past on Trail 2.  Many local businesses have shared FB pictures of folks out snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and out on the ski slopes.  While it is rather chilly today outside, Ironwood has been fortunate to have had a good winter season so far:  reasonable snow, reasonable temperatues, and lots of outdoor winter fun opportunities.  However, beneath the mantle of mental snowbanks and hills, people are already starting to make plans for the Spring and Summer.  Probably because those actual seasons are rather short up here, it is always productive to have your plans ready to go when the warm days return.  So if you are taking full advantage of the great white wonderland outside now, or inside at the table beginning your summer project plans so that you will be 100% ready to act when it eventually gets warm, always remember that Ironwood truly does offer the very best of four-season living! 

A Chamber Celebration

Tuesday, January 21, marks the Ironwood Chamber Annual Awards Dinner.  Held at the Ironwood Aurora Club, this dinner and awards presentation recaps the year 2019 and allows the Chamber to recognize four special categories for awards:  Business of the Year, Organization of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and the Gus Swanson Educational Award.  The pre-dinner social time begins at 5:00 p.m., with the official dinner & program time starting promptly at 6:00 and ending promptly at 7:00 p.m.   Afterwards, those attending are welcome to stay for more social time.  Dinner is $22, and can be paid for at the registration table.  

Jack Frost 2019 Parade Winners

2019 Jack Frost Parade winners:  1st = Cub Scouts, 2nd = Friends of the Iron Belle Trail, 3rd = Forslund Building Materials, 4th = Mukavitz Heating, 5th = Luther L. Wright Choir, and 6th = Next Generation Dance.