Chamber Director's Blog

Summer Focus - Festival Ironwood

The 4th of July is now receeding in the rear view mirror, and the heart of Summer has a last reached us (we hope!).  July 19-22 marks Festival Ironwood, which is held downtown in Depot park.   The schedule is now posted here on the webpage under Events--Festival Ironwood.   As the orders have now been placed for 4 sunny days in a row without rain, we can be sure that this year's Festival Ironwood will be an outstandingly good time!  As you look over the event schedule, you will note that while some things appear to be similar to last year, it is likely that certain events will be larger in scope.  Already over 50 craft vendors have registered for the Saturday Craft Show!   The Chamber of Commerce Dart Tournament has a greater cash prize for the winners this year, and 4 rather than 3 boards will be on present to await the winning throws.  Likewise the Bean Bag toss, which was such a hit last year, is being expanded with more bean bags and target boxes.   All in all, this should be a grand four days of stuff to see, stuff to listen to, stuff to eat, and stuff to do--very fitting for this 25th Anniversary Year of Festival Ironwood.   The Chamber office in the Depot will be open Wednesday through Saturday, and staffing for the Historical Side of the Depot will also expand so that folks who perhaps have never seen the mining displays can stop in and visit them.