Chamber Director's Blog

A Chill In The Air

October is here, and the Depot furnace has been up and running, doing its tests for serious winter times ahead.  Outside the windows the yellows, oranges, and reds of of the leaves are rapidly advancing to their Fall peak of gloriousness.  Out on Ironwood's Mt. Zion (just north of town by Gogebic Community College) the view across the Gogebic range is most beautiful!  Visitors from near and far have stopped by the Chamber office here this past week as they tour the U.P. during this time of color and brisk Autumn air.  Our Ironwood Chamber Fall Social will be at the Cold Iron Brewing Co. on Thursday, 27 September, and the Western U.P. Chamber Alliance will gather at the Cold Iron on October 3 for their quarterly gathering and catered-in dinner.   Both Chamber events give a chance for members to talk over the "summer season" just concluded as well as what is being planned for the very soon to arrive "winter season."  As one reads of all the events elsewhere, typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, storm surges, etc., it is certainly true that now--and especially into the future--"the U.P. is the place to be!"