Chamber Director's Blog

Jack Frost Festival

This past Wednesday, over 100 people came to watch the tree-lighting of the official Jack Frost Tree, signaling the start of a host of winter events from now until the end of January.  From the famous Jack Frost parade on December 1, at 6:00 p.m. in downtown Ironwood, through music concerts, dance revues, snowmobile racing, SISU Nordic Ski Fest, and even, at last, a giant Christmas tree bonfire, the Jack Frost Festival of events has for 24 years called enjoyable attention to our area's wintertime attractions.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate this year as it did last, and we will have a great outdoor season of snow, respectable cold, and good ski conditions.   If so, and the countless hundreds (thousands, actually) of folks who come to "Find their North" in the land of white appear again, please make sure to welcome them, give them some good "up north" tips on winterland events, and encourage them as well to consider our little corner of the U.P. the place to which they should move and settle in!   Check out for the latest in area events.