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Destination Ironwood

The all-new Ironwood Destination Guide has arrived from the printers!  Big thank-yous to those Chamber members who purchased marketing spaces and helped enable the publication of this Guide!  Layout and design were by Chamber member Sharp Graphic Design, with the Depot Office Guy here writing the text.  Many new and outstanding pictures from local photographers are showcased!   Those who remember the old guide will notice that the theme focus of the Destination Guide has changed from "just visiting" to "let's live there!"  Our goal was to show that while Ironwood has a storied past, it also has a vibrant and attractive future.  We have outstanding natural landscapes, that's for sure (which is a very powerful lure to folks who love the 4-season outdoors), but we also have a truly all-inclusive cultural and entreprenurial environment as well.  Ironwood is the ideal place to live for both young and old alike!  Looking for a place to start your own business?  Ironwood is that place!  Look over our new guide--and make Ironwood your destination!  

Red Bull 400 at Copper Peak

Saturday, May 11, will see 1,000 brave and tough athletes compete in the Red Bul 400 race to the top of Copper Peak ski-flying jump.  In 2018, over 400 competitors and over 4,000 spectators participated in this rather unusual athletic event.  This year it will be twice as big!  You can visit the web page to learn more.   Athletes and visitors from near and far will be coming to Ironwood on Friday, May 10.   For full local information, including the Parking Plan, go to    Hope to see you all here!   If you have not done so, please download the Ironwood Chamber smartphone app, IronwoodGO so that you will have pocket-powered information and links to all of our Chamber members (including Copper Peak).  It's free from the app store or Google Play.    

Falling Waters

Followers of the Ironwood Chamber Facebook page will have seen several video posts these last few days of Black River waterfalls out along Black River Road, just north of Ironwood.  What with snow melt (at last!) and now several inches of rain, these waterfall sites are something to behold, both visually and aurally.   The Spring "roar" will last the next few weeks, so please, if you get a chance, go out and experience one of the great local natural wonders of our area.   If you have never gone, this is the best time of year to do so.  Five waterfalls are grouped on Black River Road, and several of them have viewing stands, paved trails, and a good parking area.   

Preserving History

Not many Chambers of Commerce own a statue, but the Ironwood Chamber does:  Hiawatha.  Standing tall atop a hill overlooking the city of Ironwood, and gazing out toward Lake Superior, this statue was errected in the early 1960's for a host of reasons.  Made of fiberglass, this statue has, after some 50+ years, arrived at the point of needed a complete restoration.  Broken parts need to be reattached, other parts need reinforcement, and the entire statue needs to be carefully sanded and cleaned in preparation for a new painting and sealing.   At the end of June, the F.A.S.T. Corporation of Sparta, WI, one of the very few national companies still building and restoring fiberglass outdoor statues, will come to Ironwood and begin the restoration process.   If you would like to help, please send a donation to the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 45, Ironwood, MI 49938 or at

Presenting for "The Season"

This morning, 3/13/19, with its above freezing temperatures, drizzle, and uncompromisingly dangerous wet-ice "walk path" (glide path) into the Chamber Depot Office, is a strong reminder that "The Season" is beginning its start for Ironwood and the Gogebic Range.  "The Season," of course, refers to a) return of snow-bird residents, b) melting of snow, c) the shift from ski to bike/walk, d) the planning of trips here by people who live elsewhere, and d) both a period of "break" as well as "plan" for local businesses and organizations for whom "The Season" is the principal time of full-range outdoor activity.   Yesterday, Chamber received two calls from Chicago area folks wanting planning information on August events and weather.  These calls (and emails) will now start to increase, and do provide a daily nudge that warm, sun, and action-packed long-daylight days are coming very soon.  With all of this in mind, our Ironwood City Wide Rummage Sale will be on Saturday, June 1.   Please see our website "events" to download the 2019 registration form!