Chamber Director's Blog

At Last! The Big Melt.

It's here! Just look at the Chamber live webcam!  The snow piles are almost completely gone!  Folks are biking the Iron Belle trail.  The waterfalls on Black River Road (and many other locations) are all roaring away.  And yesterday, in ultimate confirmation of true Spring, I put away the Christmas decorations that had adorned the 1905 reed organ here in the Historic Ironwood Depot--no more snow, no more snowman, and no more Christmas carols.   For those of you who follow the Ironwood Chamber on our IronwoodGO smartphone app, you will note that the Chamber FB page is starting to run some great little videos that folks have taken of the area waterfalls.  If you can, get out and see these amazing examples of nature naturing!   All the other normal signs of Spring are also starting to appear:  new phone books delivered to the office, flowers blooming in the Pocket Park, street sweepers picking  up the Winter sand, and volunteers coming into the Historical Society here to clean, reorganize exhibits, and to create a new one or two for the year ahead.  Due to the impending replacement of the carpet under the Chamber office and in front of the entrance door in May, the annual Spring literature re-arrangement will be put on hold until that task is completed.  We will be ready for the start of "the season" on June 1!   Stop in and see us then!

Patiently Waiting

Today is beautiful March Wednesday, and if you look at the brand-new Chamber webcam on the home page here today, you will see that the sun is out, and the great piles of snow in the parking lot and by the ice rink are rapidly melting away.  With a Spring-like forecast of 50 degrees for today, you can be sure that Jack Frost is packing his bags and getting ready to leave until next November.   Amongst the Ironwoodians encountered recently (especially when the sun was shining) you certainly can detect a pent-up pressure of energy.  Folks know it is coming.  The days are longer.  The coats are getting lighter.   Spring is on its way!    Of course, we might get a snow or two yet, but all know that the moment is coming very soon when everything up north--people, plants, streams, animals, and insects--will explode in a great burst of activity which will continue unabated until the shadows begin to fall again in November.  Two Spring things to watch and plan for:  the Red Bull 400 event at Copper Peak on May 12 and the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce City-Wide Rummage Sale on Saturday, June 2.  Hundreds (thousands?) of people will flock to Ironwood to participate in or watch the spectacle of humans running up the Copper Peak Ski-Flying Jump.  A fewer number than that will celebrate Spring on June 2 by cleaning out the garage and basement, placing the least important treasures out for others to discover and get attached to on Rummage Sale Saturday.   Register now for this event by going to our "events" heading, scrolling down, and then printing out the registration form.   For right now though, we all can plan, make to-do lists, start filling up that Summer calendar, and wait the absolute arrival of the North Real Spring!   

Marching Ahead!

It is that time of the year when we all start crafting our "Marching" orders.   With the daylight increasing every 24 hour period, it is easier and easier to get the energy up and the idea machine running.  This past Monday, 26 February, the Chamber had installed its new webcam.  What a difference this new camera makes!  The old one (which looked  like a miniature R2D2), only toak a picture every few minutes (if it felt like it) and the clarity was not something to write home about.  Our new webcam is fully livestream, complete with running clock timer.  It covers all of Depot Park from Lowell Street to the little parking lot just east of the Pavilion.  You can also access this webcam from our app, IronwoodGo (just go to the Chamber website and there it is!).  You can sit at the trail bench outside the Depot and see yourself on the webcam (well, you better wait for the snow to melt off the bench first, before trying this).  Now, all the Frist Friday Farmer's Markets will be able to be watched in real time, as well as the entire week of Festival Ironwood, from tent set-up to takedown.  Infact, IronwoodGo will have a special homescreen Festival Ironwood section that will include our webcam so you can watch the entire festival (no sound though--you will have to imagine all that is being said out amongst the folks). 

  The Chamber is now distributing the Western U.P. Visitor Guide that was the creation of the Wakefield, Lake Gogebic, and Ironwood Chambers and appeared as part of the 5-Star Marketing publication, UpNorthAction in December/January.  This insert, sponsored by local advertisers, gives a brief overview of Gogebic County sites and activities. 

   Lastly, as we March ahead into the early days of spring, don't forget to download IronwoodGo to your iPhone!   It's FREE!   Just go to the app store or Google Play and get it.  All of our Chamber members, snowmobile reports, Iron Range Calendar of Events and much more is there, and right in your pocket, too!   

IronwoodGo! to Snow

Winter 2017-2018 has really been great so far!  Reasonable snow, nice cold temperatures, and enough sunny days to make time on the slopes and the trails exceptionally beautiful.  Let's hope it continues!   And, if you are an area visitor on these slopes and trails, don't forget to download our Chamber app, IronwoodGo!   It's free (the app), and you can get it from Google Play or the app store.  Our entire membership is on it, with direct links to their own websites or Facebook pages.  IronwoodGo is the perfect thing to have on your phone when traveling here or even if you live here and need quick access information about restaurants, organizations, and retail stores.  If you are on the go, make sure you also have IronwoodGo!

Winter Fun and New Things for the New Year

At LAST!!  The snow has begun to fall in Ironwood.  Truly the Jack Frost Parade and Snow Shovel Drill Team snow dance had the desired effect.  Upcoming are big times for ski/snowshoe and snowmobile enthusiasts!  From "Fire on the Hill" snocross on the 16th of December, onwards to Snowmobile Olympus and SISU, Ironwood is ready to celebrate all things snow!   NEW to this snow season is the debut of IronwoodGo--the brand new Chamber of Commerce iPhone/Android app created for the Chamber by 906 Web Studios.  Its FREE!!   Simply go to one of those app store places and request it by name!   On this app will be all of our Chamber members, links to their home pages/FB pages, links to Gogebic/Iron event calendar, as well as special "deals" that will be available at local businesses.   IronwoodGo is all about Ironwood and our Chamber businesses and organizations that make Ironwood THE place to live.  So, (as they say at the City), "FIND YOUR NORTH" here in Ironwood, and go to "IronwoodGo".  No pocket phone should leave home without it!