Chamber Director's Blog

Jack Frost Time

The trees are white (as are the power lines!), the skis are out, and the glove box has been retreived from the back of the closet--it is Jack Frost Time in Ironwood.   This year's festival will run from 15 November until 27 January, with a wide variety of events and activities, all celebrating the joy of winterland in the  Upper Peninsula.  Registration forms for the Jack Frost Parade, Store Window Decorating Contest, and Frozen Rundra run can be found on this website under "events--Jack Frost."  Very soon the entire calendar will be posted there as well.  Hope to see everyone at the Jack Frost Parade, SATURDAY, 2 December, at 6:00 in downtown Ironwood!

The Great Turning

The 2017 Gogebic County Fair is one for the history books.  And today, 1 September, dawning as it is chilly and bright, shows that the turn toward the Fall season has begun.   Walking to the Depot office, I see some leaves turning and some (just a few) already starting to fall to the sidewalk.   September is one of the most beautiful months here in the U.P., what with the deep blue color of the sky serving as background to all the daily changing colors of the vegetation.  Of course, there are events aplenty to go to this month, from this Saturday's Festival Italiano in Hurley, WI to the Bessemer Pumpkinfest later in the month.   New to the area this year will be the Bridges and Bluffs Iron Belle Trail race on September 23, (from Ironwood to Bessemer) which promises to be a truly splended event as the runners traverse a trail that winds through a full-color landscape.   Take time out to watch the changes--for this is truely a time where nature's turning of the clock is at its most visible and vibrant.

Fair & Fall

Come to the Gogebic County Fair, Ironwood, MI, 24-27 August!  Upon entering the Exposition Building you will find (down by the 4-H Ice Cream booth) the "Gogebic County Chambers of Commerce" booth.  Whereupon if you stop in, you can meet your's truly, the writer, as well as some folks from some of our other cooperating Chambers:  Wakefield, Lake Gogebic, and Watersmeet.   We will have a full collection of area maps, brochures, some discount cards, business cards, & even phone books!   The Fair marks the end of "summertime" U.P. Nort here, and already Fall Color inspectors are out and about, making observations and predictions.   Stop in at the booth--be glad to see everyone at the Fair!

"Fair" Weather for First Friday

It's August already!  Imagine that!  All the elves are just returning from summer break and getting the toy factories started up again--there is not much time if you are going to have all the things ready to pack into the sleigh.  Yet, for those of us down south here in the U.P., August is not only a reminder of things to come, but one of the best months to celebrate all the good things that occur when the weather at last is warm and the days are still long.  This Friday, August 4th, is the Downtown Ironwood Development Authority 's First Friday in August.  Starting at 3:30 with the Depot Park Farmer's Market, and continuing on until at least 8:00 with other events--including live outdoor music, shopping, eating, drinking, & just hanging out in beautiful downtown Ironwood.  Many downtown merchants will be open late, and the Depot Chamber Office and Historical Society will have open house from 6:00 to 8:00. This First Friday in August will be a great time to meet, greet, shop, and eat!    Looking ahead, August 24-27 marks the Gogebic County Fair at the Fairgrounds (just off U.S. 2) in Ironwood.   This year's Fair will feature a host of new events and opportunities to participate across a whole range of activities.  Our Chamber will have a booth in the Exposition building and I hope to see many of our friends there!  Stop in, pick up some free maps and guides, and meet your neighbors!

Summer Focus - Festival Ironwood

The 4th of July is now receeding in the rear view mirror, and the heart of Summer has a last reached us (we hope!).  July 19-22 marks Festival Ironwood, which is held downtown in Depot park.   The schedule is now posted here on the webpage under Events--Festival Ironwood.   As the orders have now been placed for 4 sunny days in a row without rain, we can be sure that this year's Festival Ironwood will be an outstandingly good time!  As you look over the event schedule, you will note that while some things appear to be similar to last year, it is likely that certain events will be larger in scope.  Already over 50 craft vendors have registered for the Saturday Craft Show!   The Chamber of Commerce Dart Tournament has a greater cash prize for the winners this year, and 4 rather than 3 boards will be on present to await the winning throws.  Likewise the Bean Bag toss, which was such a hit last year, is being expanded with more bean bags and target boxes.   All in all, this should be a grand four days of stuff to see, stuff to listen to, stuff to eat, and stuff to do--very fitting for this 25th Anniversary Year of Festival Ironwood.   The Chamber office in the Depot will be open Wednesday through Saturday, and staffing for the Historical Side of the Depot will also expand so that folks who perhaps have never seen the mining displays can stop in and visit them.