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2019 Jack Frost Raffle Winners

A big thank you to everyone who bought tickets!  Winners are  1st = Lee-Ann Garske; 2nd = Carlo Lahti; 3rd = Kathy Oliver; 4th = Valerie Lagalo; 5th = Rock Carlson; 6th = Bonita & Wayne Beckman; 7th = Jeff Anderson; 8th = Sherron Olexa & Rose Synkelma; 9th = Bob Jacquart.

October Beauty

Welcome to all the travelors and visitors who come the Ironwood area and the Western U.P. at this most beautiful time of the year.  The Fall transition time offers a wealth of color that sweeps across our entire landscape.  As we are in the middle of October, it is also a fragile time--a good rain and a high wind and the leaves depart their tree homes and fall to the ground.  Here in Ironwood, we have already had our first snowflakes, and, though they quickly melted, it was a reminder that Mr. Jack Frost will soon be bringing the conditions where the flakes will stay, accumulate, and create a very different landscape color:  white!   Here at the Depot Chamber office, we have been puting up new Christmas lights around the Depot, the Depot Park Pavilion, and our Jack Frost tree.   Early to do this?  Yes, but also much more comfortable to do it now in the Fall sunshine rather than waiting for November's serious snowfalls.

A Time of Color

September has arrived, and with it the ever-increasing change of landscape color.  No longer those grand unbroken vistas of green present from the top of Copper Peak or Mt. Zion--but rather the beginnings of a mixed color palette, with yellows, reds, and browns.  According to those who calculate these things, Ironwood is as of 9/11/19 at about 15% of peak color.  Things seem to be moving faster this year as regards these colorful changes, so the September 28 Saturday Bridges and Bluff's Half-Marathon race on the Iron Belle Trail from Ironwood to Bessemer and back again will truly be a spectacular event.  Take time to enjoy all of these rapidly evolving landscape color schemes--for they do see to change almost daily!   

County Fair Reflections--Where The Cultural & Commercial Intersect

The Gogebic County Fair ended Sunday night, August 11.  By 8:30 p.m., your Chamber Director had the Chamber booth all taken down, boxed up, and carted out to the car.  This year's weather was outstanding:  not hot and no rain!  

     The GCF is almost one hundred years old.  It was started in a time when this area was awash in people, massive extractive industry (mostly owned by people who did not live here), and a mix of agricultural and trade/commercial enterprises.  Now, in 2019, the extractives (and their owners) are gone, the population is but a shadow of its former self, and an new mix of commercial entrepreneuership is begining to develop.  Elements of this new mix were in evidence at the Fair, from large displays of recreational vehicles to a youth educational hands-on by Waupaca Foundry Plant #7, a new Ironwood industrial business.  Culturally, the traditional "fair" things were still in evidence:  homemaking entries, fabric entries, 4-H animal and art entries, the "midway rides," tractor pulls, harness racing, cotton candy, and live music at both a small stage and the grandstand.  All in all it was an experience that celebrates and lifts up both our sodio-economic traditions as well as providing some hints as to new directions.   Fairs are also a time of people greeting, re-uniting, and making life transitions.  Sunday especiallly is a day where the full range of human interactions can be seen, whether "oldsters" meeting up and greeting (both local and returning visitors) or (as the Director remembers from his own every-year rural county fair attendance) where teenagers wander around in groups or couples, knowing that summer is ending, and school--with its new opportunities--awaits.  The grass is all worn down from thousands of people stomping on it.  Tired 4-H'ers and the parents load up their precious livestock and head home.  Prize winners collect their ribbons.  Taken all together, the instituion of the County Fair is a critically important one to our (or any) county.  It's concept history stretches back over a 1000 years, and it in many ways is STILL capable of achieving positive social and economic goals.  The Ironwood Chamber is very happy to play a small part, and we very much hope that as evaluation and planning starts toward 2020, that new possibilities for the Fair are not overlooked and that an increased interactive outreach will bring an even better Fair next year!!!

Gogebic County Chambers Fair Booth

It is "tilt-a-whirl", cotton candy, and 4-H time!  Again this year the Ironwood, Lake Gogebic, and Wakefield Chambers of Commerce will be having a booth in the Exhibition Building at the Gogebic County Fair, Thursday August 8 through Sunday, August 11.  Stop by and say hello!!  We are at the West end of the building, just down from the 4-H Ice Cream booth.  In addition to area maps, business brochures, and Western U.P. travel guides, this year our booth will feature a section devoted to Gogebic Community College.  Watch for our big IronwoodGO banner!  We are easy to find and have lot's of free stuff that tells about our area.  Get your Ironwood Destination Guide and Lake Gogebic Times at our booth!   See you at the Fair!