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Fall Color

From the top of Ironwood's Mt. Zion ski hill, the vista that presents is outstanding at this time of year:  a natural quilted landscape of color!   Depending upon rain, it looks like this is the week (and weekend) when Fall color will be at its peak in the Ironwood area.   And, of course, when those leaves do drop, and the trees groom up for "bare," one knows that Jack Frost and his buddy Uncle Snow cannot be far behind!  This year, the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce Jack Frost Festival Parade will be on Friday, December 2, at 6:00 p.m. in downtown Ironwood.  A preliminary calendar of events will be posted here on the webpage shortly.  Please make sure to "like" the Jack Frost Facebook page, so that all quick updates will find their way to your page as well.

Falling Forward

Labor Day is done, school is back in session, and the beginnings of Fall color are starting to appear.  It is that time of year--the great "pause"--when the hurry-up-and-enjoy-summer-before-it's-gone--frenetic pace fades and the get-ready-for-snow panic sets in.  September is one of those "remember" months where reflections of Spring/Sumer past merge into ruminations on the symbolic color changes and leaf dropings that mark the end of another growing year.  We at the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce always do a bit of remembering as well, as September 15 marks our annual Depot Park picnic and Summer Raffle drawing.  Tickets are still on sale up until the moment of the drawing (only $5 a ticket).  They can be purchased from any of the Chamber members hosted here on this website.  As this is an important fund-raiser for the Chamber, please invite your friends to try their luck with a ticket this year--things might just "fall" in their direction at the drawing!   

Chambers at the Fair

Tomorrow, 25 August, marks the opening day of the Gogebic County Fair at the Ironwood fairgrounds.   In addition to all the usual Fair excitement (races, cows, prize vegetables, carnival, fair music), you will find at the GCF Exposition Building (West end) an exceptionally fine Gogebic Chambers of Commerce booth.  Full of individual business brochures & cards, maps, Hiawatha statue restoration giving opportunity, Ironwood Chamber Summer Raffle ticket sale, event listings, nice pictures on the wall, etc., this booth is a chance to acquaint county residents with the fact that there are 5 chambers of commere in Gogebic County:  Ironwood, Bessemer, Wakefield, Watersmeet, and Lake Gogebic.   Last year, many passers-by expressed amazement that such was the case, having "no idea."   That is the purpose of the booth--to raise awareness on part of county residents that there ARE five active Chambers of Commerce, having a combined business membership in the hundreds!   These businesses sell goods, create things, fix things, hire folks, and, in many cases, actively contribute to community organizations and events through monetary or in-kind donations.   By joining a Chamber of Commerce, these businesses reaffirm their dedication to community and county-wide economic cooperation to enhance both local and regional development.   Stop by the booth!  Look over the pictures!  Take a map!  Buy a raffle ticket (only $5)!   And--sign our guest register (you only have to put your first name--the idea is to create a "signature wall" that visually brings home just how interconnected Gogebic County businesses are with their individual communities. 

Gogebic County Fair

August 25-28 marks the annual Gogebic County Fair--the grande culmination of summer produce, energy, and all-around good times!  TO FIND THE FAIR SCHEDULE, click on this link:


End of week Ironwood

Friday is almost upon us.  Don't wait!  Plan ahead:  Ironwood Depot Farmers and Artisan's Market is tomorrow from 3:30 to 6:30 at the Depot Park Pavilion.  Lots of great eating items as well as decorative arts that will brighten and enlighten any house or northwood's cabin.  Need spirit uplifting?  Stop by the downtown Art Park (across from the Historic Ironwood Theatre) for a music concert on Friday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Then walk across to the Downtown Art Place to see the "Water For Flint" exhibition.   Downtown Ironwood is the place to be on Friday! See you there.