The Big Picture

August 3rd saw the installation of our 2nd and companion Depot Park webcam. The picture above shows the new camera view, which is pointed East. Now, for the first time, the entire of Depot park from Lowell Street in the West to Suffolk Street in the East can be seen. This means that the Iron Belle trail and Snowmobile/ATV Trail 2 entrances at both sides of the park are visible. The Jack Frost Christmas Tree is also now visible (the bottom 1/2), so winter time in Depot Park this year can be viewed to all who check in on our webcams. Remember that you can take a “screenshot” from the webcam (which is what I did to get the above picture) which you can then save or share out to others. Many people around the United States check-in to view this webcam, and now the view will be even more complete!