Black River Harbor


Nestled on the Edge of the Porcupine Mountains and the Ottawa National Forest, Beautiful Black River Harbor hosts a variety of outdoor activities and many waterfalls.



Black River Campsite is located just south of black river harbor and is right in the middle of many waterfalls and hiking trails.


The Black River’s many waterfalls makes it a national destination for white-water kayaking. Take a trip with a kayak guide from Ironwood’s local kayak shop at Whitecap Kayak

Black River Harbor has many trails along the Black River with stunning views of the many waterfalls. This area is an adventurers dream!

Boating & Fishing
Black River Harbor is home to many boats and is a top spot for fishing. If you don’t have a boat book a charter for a boating fishing experience of a lifetime with Nomad Charters and Buds Charter Service

Aside from the Harbor is a beautiful sand beach that stretches for miles in the middle of the Ottawa National Forest.