Jack Frost Finale

With the great Chamber member Norrie Club “Light Up The Night” Christmas tree burning event on February 20, 2021, the Jack Frost Festival 2020 – 2021 comes to a close.  Extended into February this year due to Covid-19, the tree burn displayed a truly magnificent tower of old Christmas trees that really did “light up the night.”  With weather conditions and temperatures ideal, a goodly number of folks gathered to say good-bye to 2020 and hope that Jack Frost 2021 will be able to return this November to its usual event groupings of parade, SISU races, theatre/arts performances, and snowmobile races.  Thanks to everyone who donated a tree to the burn!   And a big thank-you to all the effort by the Norrie Club to pick-up the trees and stack them so artistically!  Truly, everyone did a “pine” job!