Mr. Jack Frost’s vacation

With Christmas only a few days away, Ironwood finally got a dusting of snow on December 18th.  Not much.  Not the normal for sure.  And forecast to melt (WOW).  The picture shown above was taken by a local Ironwood photographer, Mr. Gary Jackson, who often passes Depot park on his downtown walks and coffee stops.  Because it shows actual snow falling, it is a rarity!  However, one does hope that January will at last see the ending of Mr. Jack Frost’s vacation (I wonder where he goes?) and a return to a winter landscape, inviting for ski, snowshoe, cross-country, and snowmobile afficionados.   If you are by chance reading this from far away lands, you can keep a check on Mr. Frost’s return by looking in at the Chamber webcam page daily.  Not only is Depot Park there, but there are direct links to Snowriver Mountain Resort, so you can watch the folks ski!