Statue-sque Summer

The locally famous Ironwood Hiawatha Statue is owned by the Ironwood Chamber of Commerce, and this summer we are selling T-shirts as way to rebuild the Statue’s dedicated maintenance fund.  We have Youth sizes (S,M,L) and Adult sizes (S,M,L,XL).  Youth sizes are $22 (or $27 if mailed) and Adult sizes are $25 (or $30 if mailed).   It has been 5 years since the 2019 Statue restoration, and we need to rebuild his fund so that in 2025 the Statue can be professionally cleaned and given a new clear-coat protective finish.  Up there on the hill, Mr. Hiawatha Statue bears the brunt of all the winter snows and wind-driven summer rains.  We want to make sure that the extensive restoration work of 2019 can keep being protected, and to do that, we have to built his $$ account up.  Email the Chamber if you would like to order a T-Shirt and help keep Mr. Hiawatha looking good!