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Garden Tech

301 East Frederick Street
Ironwood, Michigan 49938

GardenTech is a garden store designed by Growers for Growers of all strains and varieties. GardenTech specializes in indoor/outdoor gardening supplies in all forms. From small outdoor gardens and indoor tent gardens, all the way to full-sized commercial operations. We specialize in pest management, nutrients, hydroponics, soil growing, lighting, Co2, harvest solutions, and complete garden set-up. We also offer consultation and consignment services. Together, Neal and Maggie have 15 years of shared experience in gardening. Their green thumb roots run deep as both of their families have grown personal outdoor gardens that Neal and Maggie were raised in, and Maggie’s family even owned a greenhouse business in Ironwood.

Head to GardenTech today to grab your gardening supplies and create the garden of your dreams!  Our current store hours are Monday –  Saturday, 10am to 6pm (closed on Sundays).  Follow us on Facebook!