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Chamber Director's Blog

Our Land of Snow

Looking out the big windows of the Depot, the snowmobiles are whizzing past on Trail 2.  Many local businesses have shared FB pictures of folks out snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and out on the ski slopes.  While it is rather chilly today outside, Ironwood has been fortunate to have had a good winter season so far:  reasonable snow, reasonable temperatues, and lots of outdoor winter fun opportunities.  However, beneath the mantle of mental snowbanks and hills, people are already starting to make plans for the Spring and Summer.  Probably because those actual seasons are rather short up here, it is always productive to have your plans ready to go when the warm days return.  So if you are taking full advantage of the great white wonderland outside now, or inside at the table beginning your summer project plans so that you will be 100% ready to act when it eventually gets warm, always remember that Ironwood truly does offer the very best of four-season living!