On Track

October has arrived! With all the rain and mist these past few days, we are made aware that the “Fall Train” is in the process of leaving the station while the “Jack Frost Train” is most probably due in the Friday, Oct. 3 (with maybe some white flakes as well!). The above Depot-in-the-Fall picture was taken by documentary filmmaker Dirk Wierenga, who is working on a film entitled “Route 2 Elsewhere,” a historical and contemporary look at the communities that line the historic United States Highway Route 2. You can follow Dirk on his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Route2Elsewhere/ There are many still photos there which of late depict the amazing colors of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There are still plenty of leaves left in the Ironwood Area, but they are rapidly tumbling from their branch perches to the ground. With all the rain, the area waterfalls are really roaring–an excellent time to come and experience the wonderful seasonal transition views that the U.P. offers.