The Excitement Never Flags!

Going up today (6.27.23) at the Historic Ironwood Depot are the “Heritage Flags of Emberlight.”  To honor the ancestral background of the artists, presenters, and volunteers participating in our 2023 Festival, Emberlight is flying a flag from each country and tribal nation they represent. Taken together, the Heritage Flags reveal the varied cultures and ancestries of all the people of Emberlight.  Stop down to the Depot to see the flags, and also come inside to view the two art exhibits which will open on July 7th:  the Emberlight Photographers (West room) and the “Portraits of a Place: Ironwood” (East room).  The Ironwood Chamber of Commerce is proud to be an Emberlight event sponsor, as well as to host, along with the Ironwood Historical Society, these Depot art exhibits!   Chamber/Depot is open Monday – Friday from 7-2 (or later) and starting in July, on Saturdays!